e3 - Sustainably Grown Cotton

What is Bayer CropScience’s sustainable cotton? It’s e3™.

What’s special about e3? Farmers sign up to commit to grow cotton more efficiently and without harming the environment.

What does e3 mean? Third-party, independent auditors certify a farmer's commitment to grow e3 cotton in an environmentally responsible, economically viable, and socially equitable manner in the United States.

Why does e3 matter? The acres used to produce e3 cotton today will be available to produce e3 cotton tomorrow, to meet the needs of an increasingly sophisticated and environmentally attuned consumer.

How is e3 different? e3 is U.S. grown from superior seed which produces high-quality fiber and yarn. Certified and transparent, the e3 program supports farmers with the latest techniques. e3 also meets the needs of consumers by providing enormous quantities of sustainably produced cotton.